Join us “pub-side” on payday Friday’s – the first Friday of EVERY month to start the weekend off in style.

We are super delighted to announce we have landed an industry legend as our monthly resident DJ (with a bit of singing too) – Lindy Layton. Yeah, we are pretty chuffed! Lindy, formerly one half of Beats International (the other half being Fatboy Slim) has been DJ for high-end celebrity events including The Royal Academy and V&A launch parties…..and now The Queen’s Head in Weybridge – well, why not!

Every payday Friday why not join us in the brasserie for a bite to eat first and then move to the pub for some fun and great music.

Opening times

Monday to Thursday: 12pm-9:15pm (last sitting)

Friday & Saturday:  12pm-10pm

Sunday: 12pm to 9pm
Sunday Menu served until 5pm

Monday to Saturday: 12pm to 11pm

Sunday: 12pm to 10pm

Contact us

  • The Queen's Head
  • 1 Bridge Road
    Weybridge, Surrey
    KT13 8XS

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