Join the Lunch Club

Our Lunch Club returns on Thursday 7th March to showcase some of the season’s best produce and give you a tasty, fixed price lunch menu. Served Monday to Friday from 12-5pm, you can enjoy 2 courses for £18.50 and 3 courses for £23.50.

In March we’re profiling the Jerusalem artichoke, sourced from a family business based in Lincolnshire and cooked to perfection in our mouth-watering soup starter.  Did you know it’s not actually part of the artichoke family but in fact from the sunflower family? That’s a pub quiz question and a taste of the season all in one! Or maybe start with a winter vegetable fritter with muscat pumpkin chutney or confit onion and anchovy tart.

For the main course, we’re bringing back our well-loved favourite of steak frites, along with a delicious pork escalope schnitzel, a Chalkstream trout and haddock fishcake and our vegan option of grilled cauliflower, aubergine and mushroom pesto. For those sweet-toothed among you we have 3 lovely desserts to choose from. Fancy a pear & almond tart accompanied by Normandy crème fraiche? Or are you more of a chocolate and walnut sponge fan, especially when it comes with vanilla crème anglaise and spiced hazelnuts? Or maybe you’re looking for something fruity. Can we tempt you with a blackcurrant mousse and poached blackcurrants?

Did you know we’ve been awarded the top 3 star rating from The Sustainable Restaurant Association? We couldn’t be prouder of our achievement so we will be changing the dishes on our Lunch Club menu monthly to celebrate delicious seasonal ingredients. Whether you’re popping out on your lunch break, meeting friends in the middle of the day or looking for a little time to yourself, we’re sure you’ll find something to hit the spot.

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